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Privacy policy


1-  Our (Confidential Information Agreement) means the way we collect data and the way we protect the personal information of users, and it is extremely important to view and review the details of this agreement.
2- We are not concerned with any personal information of a specific person, but personal information is collected from those wishing to use the lpro store website to sell digital products and services or the linked internet pages (including but not limited to your sale and purchase of goods, Or about your participation in our auctions, or when you contact by phone or e-mail to our User Support Center team).
Once you provide us with your personal information, you have authorized us to process this information in accordance with the terms and conditions of the (Confidential Information Agreement).
3-  We may resort to an amendment to the (Confidential Information Agreement) at any time, after announcing this amendment by publishing the amended version on the website. The amended version of the (Confidential Information Agreement) shall be effective from the date of its publication. Following the publication, your continued use of the site is considered your commitment to the terms and conditions contained in the amended version of the way we process and treat your personal information that you have provided us with. Note that the last amendment we made to the (Confidential Information Agreement) was on January 1, 2021, and we hope that you will review from time to time the site announcements that may be related to this Agreement (Confidential Information Agreement).
4-  The (Confidentiality of Information Agreement) covers the following activities, which are detailed in the items below:
We collect and keep your personal information that you have dealt with, provided to us, displayed or modified
Our use of your personal information, review and modification as needed.
Your use of your personal information and the information of other users
Use, access, browse, and modify your personal information.
Tools for communicating with third parties over the Internet
Browsing software used on your personal device
5-  How can you contact us to inquire about (Confidential Information Agreement


·      The first item: We collect and keep your personal information that you dealt with, provided to us, displayed or modified

1- As part of registering on the site, you will be required to provide us with specific personal information, such as your name, email and/or phone number and other similar information, and some additional information about you such as your date of birth or any information specific to your identity. In addition, in order for us to authenticate your identity, we may need you to provide us with valid proof of identity (eg a copy of your passport, visa or residence permit, national ID and/or driver's license).
2-  We may also need to collect specific financial information from you, for example, your credit card and/or bank account details in order to be added to your account information on the site, and this financial information will be used for billing purposes and to complete your transactions on the site.
3-  After you register on the site, you should not publish any personal information (including any financial information) on any part of the site, except for the “Account Management” section, and this will protect you from the possibility of being exposed to fraud or theft of your identity information. Also, posting any of your personal information on any part of the site except for “My Account” is considered a violation of this agreement and may cause action to be taken against your membership on the site.
4-  Your transaction information and activities will be recorded on the site, whether it is purchasing a service, requesting a contract, withdrawing amounts, depositing funds or other activities related to your operations on the site.
5-  Please note that we may use your Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is a unique number given to your Internet service provider (ISP) in order to analyze the patterns of your activities that you practice on the site, and thus improve your management on the site. We may also collect your information about your browsing history
6-  We may collect additional information from you or about you in other ways whose details are not mentioned here, such as recording phone calls with the staff of the User Care Center or through your answers to our questionnaires. We may collect information for statistical or developmental purposes, at which time the names of the owners of the information remain unknown.

Item Two: Our Use of Your Personal Information

1-  We use your personal information only to provide services and support from the customer service team, and aims to measure and improve the level of our services to you, prevent illegal activities, implement the terms of our agreement with you, in addition to removing obstacles, collecting fees, providing you with promotional emails, as well as in order to document the information that you You provided us with it with third parties, for example, we may resort to sharing some of your personal information with banks or authorizing credit cards to process and document services with third parties for the purposes of increasing the level of security.
2-  Although we are keen to maintain your confidentiality, we may need to disclose your personal information to law enforcement agencies, government agencies or third parties. We are obligated to do so by orders from the court or other legal departments, to be in compliance with the provisions of the law, when we believe that disclosure of your information Personal may protect from physical harm or financial loss, or to report suspicious activity or to investigate the possibility of a violation of the terms and conditions of the user agreement.
3-  In the event that the online store or any of its affiliates or business assets are sold, we may disclose your personal information to the potential buyer, in order to keep the site active.
4- In addition, information related to the services that you purchase and that you participate in on the site, this information may include details regarding the identity of the user, feedback and notes related to your use of the site. Otherwise, we will disclose your personal information to a third party after obtaining your clear permission.
5-  We do not sell or rent any of your personal information to a third party within the scope of our normal business, and we will share your personal information with others only in accordance with what is stated in (Confidential Agreement (

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