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Brand: lpro Model: 7010102
Add a blog to your store and link it to the domainAdding a blog to an online store can improve its ranking in search enginesA blog is essential for creating fresh and vibrant content to drive traffic to your online store Blogging means more pages for your store More pages means more internal link..
Brand: lpro Model: 7020303
Backup and disaster recovery for your website or online storeIt's hard to estimate how disastrous a data loss for an e-commerce site would be if you haven't lived through it.A website backup is a copy of all your website data.To ensure that your site protects your entire online store, backups sho..
Brand: lpro Model: 7020106
Backup data and install backup software automaticallyIn this service, we back up or restore data, install backup programs automatically to your computer remotely, and adjust settings to protect your documents from damage or loss. To request the service, contact us to determine the time an..
Brand: lpro Model: 7010203
Blogger content management In this service, we manage the content of any public or specialized blog professionally by coordinating previous articles and adding exclusive and new articles that fit the general topic of the blog and are compatible with search engines, respecting the terms of se..
Brand: lpro Model: 7020101
Checking computers remotely and identifying faultsIn  this service, we check the computer remotely to analyze the system and explore the causes of malfunctions, whether software or hardware malfunctions, through specialized programs to access your computer, where you can follow the examinat..
Brand: lpro Model: 7020201
Configure and setting up  serversIn this service, you can request the setup and configuration of web hosting servers, which includes installing and setting up the control panel, configuring DNS settings, installing and upgrading the necessary software, setting up and configuring the email ..
Brand: lpro Model: 7010104
Connect the Facebook or Snap pixel with the online storeFacebook PixelIt is an analytical tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertisement by understanding the actions customers take when visiting an online store.If you need to track the activity of your visitors on your si..
Brand: lpro Model: 7010301
Create and customize a new account in social mediaIn this service, we will establish an account on one of the social media of your choice, configure it and prepare it in an integrated manner and provide a distinct and clear appearance to the target audience by designing a home page or profession..
Brand: lpro Model: 7020104
Download drivers, updates, and update driversIn this service, we download drivers and updates, update drivers on your computer remotely, and adjust settings. To request the service, contact us to determine the time and send the invoice..
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